The Daily Beast ranks Noble among top High Schools in the nation!
Providing a High Quality Education in Chicago's Loop
Making College a Reality for Our Students

Noble Efforts Change Lives.

“My experience at Muchin has been greater than I could have expected. I have gained skills and knowledge that extend beyond a classroom, that I will carry with me to college, to my career and beyond. Muchin created an environment that was the key factor in fostering my success... it's a home away from home where I can let my aspirations soar.   - Brianna, Muchin College Prep, Founding Class of 2013

Muchin College Prep opened in August of 2009 on the 7th floor of a high-rise building in the middle of the Chicago Loop.  Located at 1 N. State St., Muchin is in the center of the city.  Our students engage in a rigorous, four-year college preparatory curriculum preparing them for college success and beyond.  In addition to our rigorous curriculum, we focus on character education.  Our Scholars are expected to be Ambassadors inside and outside of school.  We expect our Scholars to seamlessly transition into the business district when they leave school.  A great deal of time is spent teaching our Scholars about appropriate behavior and attire for various life situations, integrity, and appropriate societal behavior.  Our main goal is to prepare all Scholars to graduate from the college of their choice and go on to lead productive lives. 

Muchin College Prep ended its inaugural year in the top three in the EXPLORE exam (ACT predictive test) of non-selective schools in Chicago, and continues to rank among the top schools in the city every year since.  Now, in its fifth year of operation, our first two classes have taken the ACT and we are current ranked as #2 out of all of Chicago’s non-selective high schools. 

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