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Muchin College Prep opened in August of 2009 on the 7th floor of a high-rise building in the middle of the Chicago Loop.  Located at 1 N. State St., Muchin is in the center of the city.  Our students engage in a rigorous, four-year college preparatory curriculum preparing them for college success and beyond.  In addition to our rigorous curriculum, we focus on character education.  Our Scholars are expected to be Ambassadors inside and outside of school.  We expect our Scholars to seamlessly transition into the business district when they leave school.  A great deal of time is spent teaching our Scholars about appropriate behavior and attire for various life situations, integrity, and appropriate societal behavior.  Our main goal is to prepare all Scholars to graduate from the college of their choice and go on to lead productive lives. 

Muchin is now 7-years-old, has graduated three classes of scholars, and maintains a 92% college persistence rate. We know that our work is never done; therefore, we constantly strive to grow and refine our vision.  Our vision stems beyond high school graduation.  We are committed to ensuring that all Muchin scholars will be intrinsically motivated, well-rounded, and socially responsible college graduates.  Our vision will come to fruition through our four core values: Family, Diversity, Investment, & Growth.

Family…We support, celebrate, and protect one another. We become extensions of the families we are from and the families we serve. We laugh and cry, fall and rise, hurt and heal together.
Diversity…We believe that our success – and therefore our scholars' success – depends on creating a learning environment with a multitude of diverse perspectives. We recognize that purposefully building a community with a wealth of racial, cultural, & economic backgrounds best prepares our scholars AND our staff to better understand themselves and the world around them, ultimately seeking to change it for the better.
Investment…We recognize that our mission is not a simple one and therefore requires a sacrifice unseen in most occupations. We are personally invested in our scholars' results and tenaciously fight for the inches that will provide them with the possibility of a better outcome.
Growth…We value feedback; in fact, we seek it in order to better leverage our strengths and improve upon our areas of struggle. We respect timely and honest conversations, which contribute to our betterment as both academic leaders and human beings.​

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