Muchin's Alumni Achievements

Muchin College Prep will be graduating our fifth class of seniors in June of 2017. We look forward to our students joining the more than 2,200 Noble alumni who are currently attending or have graduated from colleges and universities across the nation. As Noble has expanded, the achievements of our alumni have kept pace in ways that are truly changing the lives of thousands of Chicago families.

What began in 2003 has grown to seven Noble campuses and more than 2,200 alumni across the United States and abroad. Our alumni face unique obstacles from those of their collegiate counterparts also pursuing college degrees. At Noble, we work tirelessly to help our alumni overcome these challenges and matriculate through college to graduation.




Our alumni have an incredible and growing list of accomplishments:

  • Muchin alumni are currently attending various colleges and universities across the country including some of the nation’s most prestigious schools including Columbia University in New York, University of Michigan, Northwestern University and the University of Pennsylvania.

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