Visual and Performing Arts

Many schools have eliminated creative outlets for students to express themselves. Noble is proud to show their continued strength in high quality electives for their students. At Muchin, students have an opportunity to take Dance, Art or a technology class.  Muchin strives to help students reach an ultimate goal of attending and graduating from college.  The opportunities they receive in their elective classes allow them the opportunity to diversify their college applications.

Visual Arts
The Visual Arts program at MCP focuses on learning about history and multiculturalism through project based lessons as well as incorporating class reading and novels to support classroom learning.  Students learn how to manipulate a variety of art mediums as well as developing and improving art skills in drawing, painting, and sculpture.
Muchin students have an opportunity to take dance in order to meet their Physical Education and fitness requirements.  In this class, students explore and learn a variety of different dance styles. The curriculum has covered different decades and styles of dance throughout the years as well as dances, costumes and music from different cultures.