Staff Directory

To contact a member of the Muchin staff, please use their email below or call our main office at 312.445.4680.

Name Position E-Mail
Anderson, Jassondra Para Professional
Barnes, Sydney World Literature Teacher
Bernabe, Esperanza Office Manager
Booker, Anais PE Teacher
Brown, Lucy Learning Specialist (ELA)
Burch, Johnathan Geometry Teacher
Burks-Patterson, Aleah Learning Specialist (Math)
Carson, Whitney Spanish & 2 Teacher; English Language Learner Specialist
Cecil, Karen Teacher-at-Large (CoverGirl)
Chatman, Denise Administrative Assistant
Connolly, John US History Teacher
Damas, Alexandra World Literature and US History Intern Teacher
Deal, Deann Algebra 1 Teacher
Deavila, Evie (Honors) World Literature Teacher
Elbein, Kris Dean of Instruction (Math & Science)
Farrand, John Psychology Teacher
Farrand, Paul Director of College Counseling
Faruque, Masrura English 1 Teacher
Filie, Steven AP Human Geography and AP World History Teacher
Flannery, Mary AP / Honors Chemistry Teacher
Franco, Ernestina Advanced and AP Spanish Teacher
Gerber, Matthew Learning Specialist (Math)
Gonzalez, Sbeydi Spanish 1 Teacher and English Language Learner Support
Green, Derrick Assistant Principal
Green, Shamiea Assistant Dean of Culture
Grotts, Allison Director of Specialized Services
Hamilton, Marquis Learning Specialist (ELA)
Hawkes, Samuel Physics Teacher
Hercule, Rachel Multicultural Literature Teacher & Literacy Specialist
Holbrook, Andrew Electives Teacher
Jackson, Emmanuel College Counselor
Johnson, Chase Dean of Students (10th & 11th)
Jones, Nicholas Dean of Culture
Kellum, Amber Disciplinarian
Kennedy, Brooke AP English Lit Teacher
Kimble, Ann-Katherine American Literature Teacher
Lawler, Brennan Dean of Instruction (ELA)
Lee, Keith Disciplinarian
Lin, Bonnie Learning Specialist (Science)
Lopez, Melissa Administrative Assistant
Madonna, John Algebra 2 & AP Calculus Teacher
Mann, Samantha Learning Specialist (ELA)
Mason, Emily Principal
Mather, Brittany Dean of Operations
Maxey-Vega, Dominique College Counselor & Summer of a Lifetime Coordinator
McQuown, Sean Biology Teacher
Miller, Raymond Pre-Calculus 12 Teacher
Missick, Faythe World History Teacher
Mitrovich, Rebecca (Honors) Algebra 2 & Pre-Calculus
Moehlmann, Michelle AP Language and Composition & American Literature Teacher
Mollfulleda, Wildanette Assistant Dean of Culture
Morgan, Emily College Counselor
Morris, Michael PE Teacher & Assistant Athletic Director
Nunez, Alexander Disciplinarian
O'Brien, Catherine English 1 Teacher
Ochoa, Ashley Biology Teacher
Orbea, Tessy Social Worker
Pak, Polina English 12 Teacher
Park, Mo Ran Electives Teacher (Visual Art)
Perez, Angel Custodian
Perteet, Kris Disciplinarian
Powers, Rachel Dean of Students (11th & 12th)
Ramos, Tatiana Para Professional
Ratani, Sabreena (Honors) Geometry Teacher
Redick, David Electives Teacher (Performing Art)
Reit, Casey Alumni Coordinator
Richardson, Christopher Algebra 1 and Pre-Calculus Teacher
Robertson, Stacy Social Worker
Rodriguez, Laura Alumni Counselor
Roundtree, Kia Assistant Dean of Culture
Rouse, Katie AP Biology & Environmental Science Teacher
Russ, Saybah-Katrina Chemistry Teacher
Santana, Krystyna Learning Specialist (ELA)
Schreiber, Kaitlin Social Work Intern
Small, Brandon PE Teacher & Assistant Athletic Director
Smeeding, Megan (AP) US History Teacher
Smith, Arielle Multicultural Literature Teacher
Trejo, Marisol Accountant
Underwood, David World History & AP Comparative Politics Teacher
Vargas, Nathalye Para Professional & English Language Learner Support
White, Jennifer PE Teacher
Wiggan, Shane Algebra 2 Teacher
Zamora, Nareida Administrative Assistant