Promotion Requirements

Each Muchin scholar must meet six promotion requirements to advance to the next grade and to graduate. These requirements are holistically designed to ensure scholars are ready for college success and beyond; they cover academics, attendance, community service, discipline, enrichment, and physical fitness.

Academics:Muchin scholars must pass every class in which they are enrolled during the regular school year in order to earn promotion credits.

**Course Failures: Any scholar who fails a class will be expected to enroll in make-up classes to earn full credit and stay on track for promotion.  Any scholar failing classes at the end of semester one will be expected to take them in night school during semester two. If they fail classes during the semester two, they will be expected to make up the class(es) in summer school.

Attendance: Learning is only possible if scholars are fully present and active participants in their education, as a result scholars are expected to attend school on time every day. Any scholar with more than 20 absences in a given school year will be required to attend summer school. It should be noted, four tardies are equivalent to one unexcused absence.

Community Service: All Muchin scholars must complete a minimum of 100 hours of service before graduation. The service must have a direct, positive impact on the community. In keeping with the Noble Way, our students learn more about their community by becoming actively involved in it, honor their community by donating time and effort, and practice self-discipline as they are accountable to the people they volunteer and serve.

Find service opportunities or log service hours here

Discipline: Muchin scholars come to school ready for learning. In order to maintain a safe and nurturing environment, we help our scholars develop the discipline it takes to navigate Muchin and the world around them. If a scholar exceeds 12 detentions within one school year, that scholar will be required to take a summer behavior class in order to be promoted or to graduate. Any scholar who accumulates more than 36 detentions, or more than 20 days of suspension in any one year will have to repeat the academic year.

Enrichment: Muchin works to develop well-rounded students through participation in enriching opportunities outside of the structured school day.  These activities provide scholars the chance to meet new people, explore passions, and develop various leadership skills and talents beyond academics. Scholars must earn at least two enrichment credits to be eligible for graduation. A minimum of 25 hours of enrichment time is needed to earn .25 credits. These credits are earned by joining various clubs, sports, summer employment, summer classes, and internships.

Students must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA to participate in an enrichment program. Special accommodations may be made for extenuating circumstances. Contact the Dean of Students for special circumstances.

We partner with organizations to offer enrichment at Muchin and in the community. If you are interested in becoming a partner with Muchin to provide our scholars with an enriching opportunity, please contact us here.

Physical Fitness: Muchin scholars must pass the physical fitness and health test to be promoted to the next grade level and to graduate. These tests include the curl up, push up, and mile run. The precise guidelines for promotion are outlined in the handbook and syllabus.